Maintain your integrity – Reputation is everything: Claire Dixon, Director, MBA Programs, University of Calgary

Claire Dixon University Calgary

I am honoured to feature Claire Dixon, Director, MBA Programs, Haskayne School of Business at University of Calgary. Tell us about yourself and how you got interested in a career in academics after years of industry experience? I had been considering a switch to a career in academic administration for several years as I wanted to make a difference through education. Education has had a profound impact on my own life as the first person in my family to study past the age of 16; I have benefited from a wonderful array…

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Our focus has been to create value-added content for visitors even on sale-oriented pages like catalogue or products: Neha Agarwal,

neha agarwal igp

Neha Agarwal have been doing SEO and digital marketing for over 8 years and currenly works as AVP – Marketing at About yourself and how you started your career I completed engineering in 2009 from a private college in Dehradun. This was also the year of huge recession in IT industry. Though I got on-campus placement but didn’t get a joining date immediately after college. While I was waiting for appointment letter in my hometown, I came across a job opening in local newspaper ad. A small company there…

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The most WOW and differentiated CX by helping consumers discover fashion through content, and delighting them is our aspiration: Prashant Gupta, CEO, abof

Its truly exciting to learn from a professional who has worked closely with Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla. I am honoured to feature Mr.Prashant Gupta, President & CEO, abof – eCommerce venture of Aditya Birla Group. What made you lead Aditya Birla’s eCommerce venture, and hows the journey so far? I have often chosen new and unknown areas for my professional progression. I feel that keeps me juiced up and helps me grow/develop. Hence the choice to lead a completely greenfield new venture. The journey has been exciting, exhilarating and fulfilling….

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Google is like family to me, no matter where I go in the world, which office I visit, it feels like I’m coming home: Saiba Singh

I always get impressed when I come across professionals who also double as Entrepreneur. I kept requesting Saiba for a feature. After more than one whole month, she got time for this interview. Meet Saiba G Singh, Agency Manager, SEA at Google, Singapore and Founder of Sugar Rush By Saiba Tell us about your education and past experiences I’ve studied across Delhi, Bombay and Pune. We lived in Bombay soon after I was born, but later moved to Delhi to take care of my grandmother. I attended DPS for a year, thereafter…

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We will establish SBM Bank as a customer focused and innovative bank: Siby Sebastian, CEO – State Bank of Mauritius

Siby Sebastian Bank of Mauritius

I wanted to learn how banks are transforming themselves to meet the expectations of consumers in the connected world. Meet Siby Sebastian, CEO of State Bank of Mauritius, India. What changes do you believe consumers are expecting from a bank in digital era? Customers are changing their expectations of everyone. Especially banks in digital era. The Connected consumers wants banking services that integrate with their connected life. This is true of all segments but especially true with the fastest growing segment (millennials) and the most profitable consumer segment (wealth management). Banks need…

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Switzerland has a sophisticated Fintech ecosystem from angel & early-stage investors to venture capitalists and accelerators: Dr.Patrick Schueffel, School of Management Fribourg

Patrick Schueffel School Management Fribourg Switzerland

Dr.Patrick Schueffel is a professor at the Institute of Finance at the School of Management Fribourg (HEG), Switzerland. His research interests focus on the areas of Entrepreneurship in Banking & Finance, Innovation, and International Business. I reached out to him to learn little we could from his vast experience. How is your industry experience helping you transform your knowledge as a Professor at Institute of Finance at Hochschule für Wirtschaft Freiburg (HSW-FR) I have crisscrossed the boundaries between academia and practice several times throughout my career. I find it incredibly inspiring…

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Document your Customer journey. Your contacts take lots of tiny steps along the way to becoming a buyer: Ranjan Dutt, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

Ranjan Dutt, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

Being an innovative & creative Life Insurance Sales & Marketing professional in the Insurance arm of a reputated Indian conglomerate Bajaj Group, I reached out to Ranjan to tell us his career journey. Meet Ranjan Dutt, Head – Marketing at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Tell us about yourself and what did you learn in the early stages of your career? A thorough bred sales & marketing professional with substantial exposure and experience spanning across global FMCG giants, strong IT /tech & telecom organisations, versatile Life Insurance brands across geography, cultures…

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Digital transformation is all about design thinking, which is synonymous with customer-centric thinking: Vaibhav Dalal of Raymond Limited

Digital transformation Vaibhav Dalal analytics

I was curious to know the role analytics plays in diverse organizations and hence reached out to Vaibhav Dalal, Head Analytics and Digital for Lifestyle at Raymond Limited. Read on. Tell us about yourself and your past experiences. Well, it has been a conventional start. I pursued my Engineering from Mumbai University and took up a job with Accenture. I got introduced to the nuances of the corporate world and was exposed to the workings of large companies early on. Within a year, I became adept in the use of…

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Our focus is to become thought leaders in logistics and field service technology, Big Data and IoT: Kruthi Aramanamada of LogiNext

Kruthi Aramanamada

I always find it interesting to listen to Sales and Marketing professionals and reached out to Kruthi Aramanamada, Head, Marketing at LogiNext. Tell us about yourself and your experience at Warwick Business School I swear by the quote “Life is trying things to see if they work- Ray Bradbury” I am very proactive and start taking initiatives from the get go. From my first day at an organization, I throw myself neck deep into the project at hand. I always work towards being an indispensible resource – be it when I was it academics…

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Think about what are you disrupting and why will your consumer have a better experience when they use your service: Sankar Krishnan of Capgemini

I consider it as a honour to feature a professional with over 25 years of experience in Banking & Financial Services sector.  Meet Sankar Krishnan, Partner at Capgemini and Author of “The Power of Mobile Banking”. Tell us about yourself and what did you learn during the early stages of your career? What I learnt : I didn’t learn this then so I am saying it in hindsight – what the joint family system in India teaches you cannot be taught by any other country . You learn about a lot…

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Any organization is only as good as its people, and people are only as good as their output and communications: Deepak Bhatt of IIM Ahmedabad

Deepak bhatt, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

It’s an exciting responsibility to manage Communications, Public Relations and Digital Marketing at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, one of Asia’s finest B-schools. We got in touch with Deepak Bhatt, a communication, media engagement and publications professional. I am happy to present his career journey. How were you able to transform from being a HR professional in various organizations to your current position at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad? It may sound clichéd, but it’s more about working with people and understanding what value each of us can bring to the table….

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Creating a team culture where people can feel fulfilled, appreciated and valuable is the ultimate goal: Andrew Chilcott

Andrew Chilcott accounting Australia

Andrew Chilcott is the Head of Management Accounting in Automotive Holdings Group, Australia. During his spare time, he is also actively involved in a number of start up ventures. He has diversified experience with  expertise in the areas of Management Reporting, Operational Excellence, Cash & Treasury Management, Shared Services and Return on Capital analysis. A professional with a such an experience certainly will have wonderful treasure tips in him and it shows up in this interview too. Tell us about yourself and your involvement in Startups Entrepreneurship is in my blood…

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Treat job like marriage: Lakshmi Iyer of Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Co

Lakshmi Iyer CIO-Fixed Income & Head-Products

When I requested Lakshmi Iyer for an interview, I expected her average turn around time to be couple of weeks. Surprisingly, She shared her experience within a dayo. I asked her how was it possible to take time for us. Her answer was “Money managers are agile”. Meet Lakshmi Iyer, CIO-Fixed Income & Head-Products Kotak Mahindra Asset Management co. Tell us about yourself and your current role at Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Currently I wear a dual hat at Kotak AMC, – at the helm of fixed income from the market…

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My belief is “Everything is design. Design is everything” – Nitin Sethi of Quikr

nitin Quikr ux designer

Nitin Sethi has over 16 years of experience in User Experience Design, UI, Mobile, Visual Design and product design. I was impressed by his profile as he has headed UX design at Naukri and Yatra and currently serves in Quikr as VP Product Design & User Experience. Tell us about yourself and your experience at Naukri and Yatra I have over a decade of experience in Product Design & User Experience. I have spent a significant part of my experience in Naukri, 99acres and Shiksha, finding balance between user and business goals while crafting…

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Try solving some real world problems with real data: Ishita Biswas

There are few professionals whom I keep chasing to make sure their interview is featured on Its not easy to make people tell their story. Finally, I got it. Meet Ishita Biswas,  Data Scientist, R&D at EdgeVerve , An Infosys Company. Tell us about yourself and your past experiences Though I was born in the city of joy-Kolkata,I have spent the past 30 years of my life residing in several parts of the country, notably the states of Maharashtra,Jharkhand,TamilNadu,Delhi and my current home Karnataka. An avid trekker,my heart lies in the mountains…

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How can an ordinary man practically do good to a women? Being a Feminist in India is not easy

What is Feminism according to me? Its simply being good and doing good to women you come across in your life. What can ordinary Indian men like me do beyond this? We can’t launch a NGO too fight for Women’s rights. If every man in every part of the world cares for the girl in his life, we naturally create a better and safe world for Women. I am writing this article after a small incident at work. Electricity is precious. Don’t leave your computers on when you leave from…

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Share a beautiful message for this Women’s day

I have been working on OfficeExperience for the past one month and its really an exciting journey collecting wonderful stories from Professionals and Entrepreneurs from around the globe. I am really greatful to some of Women professionals and Entrepreneurs who took time to share their career journey with us. I wanted to make a simple video project for Women’s day 2017 but since we just have few days to go, I felt its good to collect a written message from Women Professionals and also Entrepreneurs. All I need is originally…

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Responsible networking is essential for career growth and for one to grow as an individual: Swatiey Pareek

How busy are professionals in Telecom sector? I measured it by requesting Swatiey for an interview and sent questions. It took 18 days for her to take time for us. Meet Swatiey Pareek, Regional Lead – Americas, Vodafone Global Enterprise. Tell us about yourself and how you got interested in a career in Sales? I had two blessings to begin my life with: 1st being born into a beautiful family where respecting an individual as a human being was always the first priority and 2nd – being raised in Calcutta,…

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Every time we experience a cancer patient healing through our program, it heals a part of my loss: Samara Mahindra

How does it feel when you realize someone dear to you has cancer? I have gone through that pain and I respect people who work for Cancer recovery and Rehabilitation. Here’s an interview from Samara Mahindra Founder & CEO of Carer Program. Your experience in American Academy of personal training I have always had an obsessive interest in health, fitness and nutrition. The drawback was that I had no formal academic qualification on the subject. The American Academy of Personal Training in New York City was my real practical and…

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Most school attacks are over in less than 5 minutes. Heidi is creating a safer school

Our heart breaks when ever we watch a breaking news about gun attacks or mass shootings in schools anywhere in the world. Here’s the List of school shootings in the United States from 1764 to the one happened on January 20th 2017. All of us simply pray for these innocent kids but some people don’t just watch. They strive for a change. Here’s an interview from Heidi Wysocki, Founder of First Defense Solutions Tell us about yourself and what made you realize the need for First Defense Solutions I have an extensive…

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