OfficeExperience.in is a New Gen online media to highlight experiences and insights of professionals in multiple industries across sectors. We cover career journeys of CxO’s and Founders in Corporates and Startups globally. Apart from people who hold positions in top of the ladder, there are employees who contribute a lot to an organization’s growth. Our goal is to document such wonderful personalities in every organization.

There are few things in life which we do to create a better world. I am working on this website without revenue but I am pretty sure documenting these stories and experiences will certainly benefit students and professionals as a career guidance. Its worth my hardwork if your words through interviews can inspire and motivate someone to do better in their career, business and life.

Vision – OfficeExperience.in


A New Gen online media publishing career journey and experiences of Founders, CXO’s and any contribuiting Employee in an organization.

Why? – “Love what you do”

Professionals & Entrepreneurs might go through few obstacles and stress in their career.  We spread the message that one must learn to work with dedication without worrying about results.


To inspire and motivate students and working professionals to spare some time for learning and adopting to the trends in their field of choice”

Dreams come true when you are awake

I work on this site at night between 10 P.M to 2 A.M and during weekends.If I feel tired, I wake up early in the morning to request for interviews and post articles. I realized that I just have another 10 to 15 years in my life to work actively and wanted to enggage in a “Good deed” that will touch lives of millions.So kindly support me when I request for your interview though you might be busy with your work.

Join me in spreading the word about the greatness of “Work”

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