Advertise is an initiative to collect stories from professionals from various sectors and across industries. Its my long time dream to document stories and experiences from every kind of Employee be it a CxO, Director or a Manager upto a Fresher who just began their career. Sometimes, the best skills in any organizations are hidden in the bottom of the pyramid and hence its important for us to listen to everyone.

I work on this website during night hours and weekends reaching out to people to share their career journey and experiences with us.

Write to us

We¬†would like to place banner ads and sponsored post for organizations and Starups willing to support my initiative. Its a new website and the traffic isn’t big enough to call it adveriting yet. If you like being part of our small initiative, write to us to be a sponsor.

Future plans

Since I am based in a small city in India, I wish to hire a space and have few computers where I can run online video courses for free for graduates who are trying to find a job. I wish to run training programmes and workshops on emerging technology. I like providing career guidance to professionals who wish to upgrade themseleves. I don’t have a revenue model but personally, I believe helping someone unemployed to find a job is a good karma. The same model can be copied to any other location around the globe.Not sure if I will have time and investment to work on these projects.

I just have a dream to create a better world in my own little way.

As of now, I just have to connect with professionals and learn from their experience.


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