Try solving some real world problems with real data: Ishita Biswas

There are few professionals whom I keep chasing to make sure their interview is featured on Its not easy to make people tell their story. Finally, I got it. Meet Ishita Biswas,  Data Scientist, R&D at EdgeVerve , An Infosys Company. Tell us about yourself and your past experiences Though I was born in the city of joy-Kolkata,I have spent the past 30 years of my life residing in several parts of the country, notably the states of Maharashtra,Jharkhand,TamilNadu,Delhi and my current home Karnataka. An avid trekker,my heart lies in the mountains…

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Data Science: Using data to predict the future, understand the patterns and draw conclusions faster than before

Bastin Robin Data Scientist

I have been reading a lot about Data Science for the past few month. Hence, I interviewed some of best Data Scientists in India. Here’s up and close with – Bastin Robin who takes care of  Research & Development at Hash Research Lab Your role in Hash Research I am currently working as Senior Data Scientist at HashResearch Labs. I am heading the Research & Development. We have our in-house data exploration platform called LitmusBI. It helps organizations to explore their large mammoth (Big Data) find interesting patterns and forecast their…

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