Blockchain increases transparency and accountability which truly benefits the end user: Kumar Gaurav, Cashaa

What is Blockchain

I reached out to Janina Lowisz, CMO of Cashaa who co-ordinated to feature Kumar Gaurav, Founder and CEO of Cashaa. Tell us about yourself and how did you take interest in digital currencies? I am a serial entrepreneur and have been in the blockchain space for the past few years. I founded Cashaa and Auxesis Group, two of the Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies in the world: Auxesis Group is India’s first enterprise blockchain innovation company while Cashaa is a blockchain based money transfer platform based in Level39, and…

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Our key focus is to enable a safe and seamless payment experience and be a customer champion: Narsi Subramanian, PayPal

paypal india

I have been using PayPal for over 16 years and consider their payment service as doorway to prosperity. Featuring an interview from Narsi Subramanian, Director, International Spends and Sole Proprietors, PayPal Payments India. Tell us about yourself and what did you learn during the early stages of your career? I have been associated with PayPal for nine years and have worked in various capacities across the EMEA and APAC regions. I started my career in PayPal’s risk team and worked extensively on policy frameworks that optimized key seller risk levers to drive…

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Think about what are you disrupting and why will your consumer have a better experience when they use your service: Sankar Krishnan of Capgemini

I consider it as a honour to feature a professional with over 25 years of experience in Banking & Financial Services sector.  Meet Sankar Krishnan, Partner at Capgemini and Author of “The Power of Mobile Banking”. Tell us about yourself and what did you learn during the early stages of your career? What I learnt : I didn’t learn this then so I am saying it in hindsight – what the joint family system in India teaches you cannot be taught by any other country . You learn about a lot…

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Fintech Startups that do well are the ones that understand pain points in business or consumers: Rhea Chaterji, Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp‘s core idea is to support the world’s best entrepreneurs as they grow their startups. Here’s an interview with Rhea Chaterji, Head of Ecosystem at Startupbootcamp FinTech Tell us about yourself and your past experiences I graduated as a lawyer from LSE, and then started work in a boutique law firm in Mumbai while obtaining my qualifications in India. From there, I moved to KPMG, where I was working in the Tax practice for a few years. From there, I moved on to be part of a team helping set…

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If you trust your product and have faith in it then just go for it: Fintech Co-founder, Tushna Pandey

I got in touch with Tushna Pandey who’s the co-founder  & COO of Indian Fintech Startup Ezstrax. The founder Vimal Paliwal doubles as the CTO of the Startup. They founders are friends from their under graduation. Here’s their story. About EzStrax Strax Avenue Private Limited is the company and its owns and operated an online product named Ezstrax.  Mr. Vimal is the founder, MD & CTO and I am the Co-founder & COO. We are just a team of 2. It’s utter compelling and delightful to work with someone you…

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