I love being part of change in other people’s lives: Julie Beeton, Canadian Immigration Consultant

Julie Beeton Managing Director - Beeton & Co. Canadian Education and Immigration Consultants

When U.S President Donald Trump announced travel ban on people from 7 countries, I found the below post on social media by Julie Beeton, A Canadian Education and Immigration Consultant.

“I would like to help a family from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan or Yemen immigrate to Canada FREE of all legal fees. As a Canadian immigration lawyer based in the UAE, I work with the incredible people of the Middle East every day and would like to show my support.”

I was so touched by her noble thought and requested her to share her experience with us.

How your past experiences helped you launch Beeton & Co.

I was inspired to start Beeton & Co by my friend Henry who grew up in rural Uganda and after studying and ultimately immigrating to Canada, he went on to become a law professor at a top Canadian school – forever changing the life for him and his family. I love being part of this change in other people’s lives.

I grew up in Canada and completed university and law school there. I started my career at a large firm in Toronto and then moved to the UK and then Dubai in 2008.

I am a corporate lawyer by training and have worked at international law firms such as Allen and Overy in London. You must have excellent legal skills and client relationship skills to work at these firms which I carry with me into Beeton & Co. Setting up my own business has required different skill sets such as web design and digital marketing which I did not have experience with. I have learned so much along the way and have some amazing people helping me.

Can you give some tips for people who wish to immigrate to Canada?

Unfortunately we get a number of disappointed people come to us who have been promised by consultants that they will get Canadian Permanent Residency but after they apply they sit in the Express Entry pool and never get Permanent Residency. There are 2 Canadian immigration tests and you need to know your Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) to ensure you will be successful.

Right now the Canadian Government is inviting people to apply for Permanent Residency with a score of approximately 450 or more. If people are interested, they can get their CRS score free on our website www.beetonco.com.

If your score is less than 450, there are 60+ other Canadian immigration programs that you may also be eligible for.

Insights on Education in Canada

The Canadian Government wants foreign students to stay in Canada after they study. There are programs that allow students to work in Canada up to 3 years after they complete their studies – students can then apply for Permanent Residency and get additional points having studied and worked in Canada. Studying in Canada is an excellent pathway to Canadian immigration.

Your opinion on how Donald Trump’s immigration ban will impact Employers and Employees

I work with the tech sector in Canada and they have told me that this could be devastating to tech companies in the US who rely on hiring highly skilled professionals around the world. I think the ban is short sighted and alarmist.

Your favourite books

I listen to a lot of podcasts and books on Audible at the moment as I am on the move a lot. I regularly listen to the BBC Business Daily and This American Life. For books, I am currently listening to “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.

Future plans

In a reaction to the Trump travel bans, I decided to help a family based in one of the 7 banned countries immigrate to Canada free of legal fees. It is only a small offer in the grand scheme of things but hopefully it will make a positive change for at least one family.

We also recently expanded our business to help students with admission to Canadian universities and colleges which has been great. I love working with students.

Good luck Julie