A lot of clarity and focus on ROI: Logan Harper on Digital Marketing trends

Digital Markting trend has evolved a lot over the years. I caught up with Logan Harper, Digital Marketing Manager, DentalSave.

What made you a Digital Marketing professional?

Growing up I always planned on going to law school and work in public service. I wanted to negotiate foreign trade agreements or join the State Department, so I decided to study International Affairs and Chinese at The George Washington University in DC. After a few Washington internships, I knew that joining the ranks of government was not for me, but I had no idea what to do next. In my senior year I found an internship with Groupon and I became hooked on startups (this was 2009 – the mobile web was just starting to take off after the iPhone came out in ’07). After Groupon, I joined 2U, an education technology startup, where I received my real marketing education on the inbound marketing team. We were able to leverage the world class content and reputation of our leading university partners to help drive growth of their online masters programs. With 2U, I also had the opportunity to move to Hong Kong to help open their first international office – finding good use for my GW degree after all!

How do you see Digital Marketing trend has evolved over the last 5 years?

In the beginning everyone seemed to be chasing fads and followers – everyone tried to be on every social network and try every new ad technology – so many buzzwords were flying around. I think the last five years have brought a lot of clarity and focus on ROI. Every brand has different goals and KPIs to measure them. Each brand I’ve worked with has had very different needs from lead generation to share of voice and it has been most helpful to hone in on a few key metrics to focus on.

How one should work on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)? 

You have to be willing to try and fail – every single experiment will teach you something. There is tendency to focus on too many experiments at once – so I like to keep things as simple and scientific as possible keeping control and not let excitement drive a hypothesis. In many cases the most impactful optimizations just aren’t that sexy – something as simple button color or copy changes can drive results without an expensive redesign.

Tell us about your current role in DentalSave

I love my role at DentalSave because there is so much potential for growth, balanced with the stability of a decades old brand. Working with a brand that embraces the future of digital is a lot of fun in an industry like insurance that isn’t known for innovation. Dental plans aren’t the sexiest product, but they actually help people save a lot of money. I feel best about my work when I work to promote a product that I actually use myself.
Dental Save
Logan takes care of Digital Marketing and strategy at Dental Save

Your favourite books

This is a hard one – where do I begin? I love history – The Last Mughal and Cleopatra: A Life are few favorites. I just finished A Complaint Free World – a great reminder about the power of positive thinking. Following the unexpected results of the 2016 U.S. election, I read Hillbilly Elegy to better understand the anger and frustration that led to Donald Trump’s win. For marketing, I found Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This to be a great introduction to writing good ad copy – a skill that all marketers could use.

I’m really excited about the future – its easier (and cheaper) than ever to start a business and grow quickly with cloud-based tools, freelancers, and better access to capital.

Think of the innovation we’ve seen in the last decade – its only going to get faster. From the blockchain in finance and transportation to cheap genetic sequencing, we’re going to see all sorts of new industries get disrupted the way media has already been.
Good Luck Logan