It’s a big challenge today to create content that can easily be understood and assimilated in a few minutes: Jagdish Shenoy

Jagdish shenoy, Content Writer India

Creating content and making people actually utilize the content you developed is hardwork. Here’s an interview of Jagdish Shenoy who worked on Content Development and Training Automation.

Tell us about yourself and your journey to be Content Development & training at your organization

I am a simple Mumbai man who takes life one day at a time! On the family front, I am married and have a 7-year old son. My wife is a home maker.

I never thought that I would get into Content Development as I hadn’t even heard of it. My post graduate diploma is in Events Management and I pursued the same for a few months. However, that wasn’t my calling. I then had a stint in Corporate Communication before I got into Content Development. Since then, I haven’t looked back. Which other career offers you the opportunity to work on something new and interesting every day?

How has the way you work on Content design & development changed over the years due to digital impact?

With the advent of faster internet via 4G and increasing bandwidth, more and more people are now consuming content on-the-go. These are challenging times and speed to market is the key in a dynamic environment.

E- learning modules and mobile learning modules are what will take prevalence in the future. With a drop in attention span that is associated with mobile learning, it’s a big challenge today to create content that can easily be understood and assimilated in a few minutes rather than a few hours. This makes the job of the content creator even more important – after all it’s a difficult task to show voluminous data in a visual format and in a format that is easily to understand. Storyboarding today is more important than ever.

The type of content is also important. Gone are days of boring Power Point presentations; Prezi and HTML 5 are now important tools. Rapid Authoring tools such as Captivate are essential to ensure that relevant content is made available to key stakeholders at the right time. People today want their training programs to be interactive and engaging.

content creation challenge
Jagdish Shenoy, General Manager – Content Development and Training Automation

How good content can help enhance sales for any Start-up or Corporate?

As I had mentioned earlier, any organization requires a congruent communication to its internal and external stakeholders. For internal stakeholders, the culture of a company, it’s values and opportunities need to be effectively and continuously communicated effectively. For external stakeholders such as partners and customers, the product offering and service offered by the company should be communicated in an easy to understand manner. Here again content plays an important role – be it the content on the website and marketing communication for external stakeholders or the representation of a career path and opportunities available to internal stakeholders.

For a start-up that is trying to make a name for itself, this is even more important.

Your favourite books

7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey and Who moved my Cheese By Dr. Spenser Johnson are two books that I really like. In terms of fiction, I have read all the books by Dan Brown.

Your future plans and any experiences worth sharing

I plan to expand my scope of content into the Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing Domain which I see as a good addition to my repertoire.

Good luck Jagdish


Note: This feature is published as an experience of a professional and not in any way related to organization he worked for.


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