Data Science: Using data to predict the future, understand the patterns and draw conclusions faster than before

Bastin Robin Data Scientist
I have been reading a lot about Data Science for the past few month. Hence, I interviewed some of best Data Scientists in India. Here’s up and close with – Bastin Robin who takes care of  Research & Development at Hash Research Lab

Your role in Hash Research

I am currently working as Senior Data Scientist at HashResearch Labs. I am heading the Research & Development. We have our in-house data exploration platform called LitmusBI. It helps organizations to explore their large mammoth (Big Data) find interesting patterns and forecast their data.
Analytics and Data Science Startup
Hash Research – Analytics and Data Science Startup

What is Data Science and where is it applied?

Data science is a term which is very popular from past 5 years. Around 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data is generated per day. We normally used to store these data as backups and logs for future references, which has limited use only. Then came the idea of analyzing the data and now it’s more matured so that we can use these data to predict the future, understand the patterns and helps us to draw conclusions faster than before. Data scientists are the sexiest jobs of the century and there is a huge demand for Data Scientists.
Some of the applications are
Google Search (User-centric search),
Recommendation systems,
Image recognition,
Pattern recognition,
Speech recognition,
Fraud and risk detection,
Google Maps ..etc.

How did you evolve as a Data Scientist?

I started my career as a Software engineer and my interest was mainly on to Data Science and Collective Intelligence. Later I joined Gramener as Associate Data Scientist where I got a chance to work under Mr. Anand Subramanian who was Cheif Data Scientist of Gramener and currently the CEO of Gramener. It was a great learning experience then after a while, I moved from the company. I worked as Consultant Data Scientist for a couple of startups based Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Then joined HashResearch Labs as Data Scientist.

Your Favourite books

Some of my favorite books are
  1. Programming Collective Intelligence
  2. Data Smart: Using Data Science to Transform Information Into Insight
  3. The Lean Startup
  4. 7 habits of highly effective people
  5. Beautiful Data
  6. Information Dashboard Design
  7. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish
  8. Connect The Dots

Future plans

Research is actively going on Healthcare domain. We are very particular about Healthcare where the data science can bring a huge impact in early detection of disease. We are coming up certain product which will really make an impact in the market.
I would like to say this to everyone.

Keep looking for opportunity and never settle.There is nothing impossible for a willing heart.

If you are going to take a new job or take a new career option called entrepreneurship,  try to learn new stuff every day. Because it helps us some or the other day to connect the dots.
Good luck Bastin

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