Every company should have a big, bold and audacious plan: Patti Hunt, Founder of MAKE Studios

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Feeling awesome to feature, Patti Hunt, Founder of MAKE Studios

Tell us about yourself and how you started your career?

I feel like I’ve had a few different careers. I started two businesses after I moved to Hong Kong in 2012 which is unlike anything I’ve done before – owning and running a business is one of the most exciting and scariest things you can do.My current business is MAKE Studios is a design thinking and innovation company working with clients in the Asia-Pacific region.Before that, I worked as a Service Designer, User Experience (UX) and IT consultant for a few different companies in Hong Kong and Australia.

My first “proper” job was with an Australian Airline. My job was to flick through the passenger tickets for each flight, and physically write down all the flight details for a percentage of the tickets – passenger details, departure airport, arrival airport, fare type etc.. that’s all I did, all day, everyday for a (very tedious) year and half.

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Patti Hunt, Founder of Make Studios

What do you mean by Human Centred Business design?

It means that everything about the business – from the vision & strategy right through to the products & services in the market has been designed to serve, enable, benefit and empower people as the highest priority. Not only from the customer’s perspective but from the employee’s perspective too.

If employees don’t believe a company cares about them as much as it cares about it’s customers, that company will struggle to remain competitive. There’s plenty of data around now that shows human-centric businesses are more commercially successful and sustainable than those that aren’t.

Give us a simplified explanation about design thinking.

The term ‘Design thinking’ can quite misleading because it’s not just about thinking – it’s about doing too. The intent is about taking a systemic and human-centric approach to solving problems, and de-risking that process.

What problem are we trying to solve and why? Who will be affected by our solution, product or service? How can we be sure it will be an improvement to people’s current experience? There are many tools, methods and activities we can use as designers to help answer these questions without committing huge amounts of time and money.

Service Design conference ,HongKong
Service Design conference ,HongKong

What happens at Service Design, Hong Kong Conference.

A lot of things! Apart from inspiring case studies from around the region, we have very engaging speakers who can really bring the stories to life. We don’t want a powerpoint deck to get in the way of real connection with the audience. We put a lot of effort into designing a great experience for participants – if they want to network, we’ve designed for that, if they want to have fun while they learn – we’ve designed for that too. Our main focus is learning by doing and getting fully immersed.

It’s for progressive thinkers, innovators & change-makers – anyone who likes to challenge the way things are and make the world a better place. Would love to see your readers there – please check out the program !- Service Design HongKong.

Your future plans.

Many of us at MAKE are inspired by Elon Musk, so we developed our own version of his “Mission to Mars”. Every company should have a big, bold and audacious plan that people can get excited by and involved with. People don’t just want a job, they want to be part of something they can contribute to, and see that their contribution matters.

So what’s our Mission to Mars? I’ll tell you in person at Service Design Hong Kong 😉

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