My belief is “Everything is design. Design is everything” – Nitin Sethi of Quikr

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Nitin Sethi has over 16 years of experience in User Experience Design, UI, Mobile, Visual Design and product design. I was impressed by his profile as he has headed UX design at Naukri and Yatra and currently serves in Quikr as VP Product Design & User Experience.

Tell us about yourself and your experience at Naukri and Yatra

I have over a decade of experience in Product Design & User Experience. I have spent a significant part of my experience in Naukri, 99acres and Shiksha, finding balance between user and business goals while crafting digital experiences. I have worked with the leaders in various industries, each of which was a unique learning experience. I have learned the deep understanding of classifieds space at Info Edge and E-commerce dynamics at Yatra.

Nitin Sethi, VP Product Design & User Experience at Quikr
Nitin Sethi, VP Product Design & User Experience at Quikr

What are the major contribution by your team and yourself at

Quikr is the largest and broadest classifieds platform in India and caters to the varied set of customers, which is a challenging design problem. We were a pure horizontal platform but with the launch of verticalization strategy we are going much deeper into our categories such as C2C, Cars, Homes, Jobs, Education and Services.

We faced a set of interesting problems and required deep consumer understanding.

We were able to launch different platforms for verticals, giving them a character of their own while retaining the unified user experience that runs across Quikr. Our strong product design & user experience teams are building easy to use and valuable business interfaces to facilitate quick discovery and transactions on our platform.

You have worked on UX projects in various sectors including travel, eCommerce, Classifieds, Media etc. Is there a difference UX approach for each sector?

My experience has taught me that it’s not one fit for all. Different industries cater to different user personas and understanding the segment is the key to take relevant approach to address consumer needs. Transactional flows are very different from catalogue and same applies to B2C, UGC content, media news, reviews etc.

Does UX designer have freedom to implement what they believe in Indian organizations? How should an UXdesigner convince other leads in the team/organization when they believe in a particular design?

There is a paradigm shift in the way UX is being considered in companies today. Product design and user experience are driving key initiatives in companies and design thinking is becoming a core practice. We all work for consumers and its important that product solutions resonate with them.

I believe in an iterative approach and follow users’ data and insights to take decisions. There is no right or wrong approach but listening to users and tracking behaviour on platform gives a sense of direction and confidence to take product decisions.

Nitin Sethi UX designer India
Nitin Sethi

How should a UX designer test consumer experience in Mobile platforms?

First and most important step is to listen to the user feedback before implementing design thinking.

Few pointers to help –

· Always, empathize with your users.

· Follow an iterative approach and keep testing.

· Its important to bring Design, Product, Technology & Business, AB testing and Customer Success teams together while implementing new user interface.

Your future plans

I am fortunate to have worked with visionary leaders from different industries in India and aspire to be like them. For now, I am focused on building Quikr. I believe in the segment and feel that there is a long term value creation opportunity. We aim high and want to build the most loved consumer brand of India. I also want to nurture at least 50 design thinkers who can go ahead to change the startup ecosystem of India.

My belief is “Everything is design. Design is everything.”


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