Google is like family to me, no matter where I go in the world, which office I visit, it feels like I’m coming home: Saiba Singh

I always get impressed when I come across professionals who also double as Entrepreneur. I kept requesting Saiba for a feature. After more than one whole month, she got time for this interview. Meet Saiba G Singh, Agency Manager, SEA at Google, Singapore and Founder of Sugar Rush By Saiba

Tell us about your education and past experiences

I’ve studied across Delhi, Bombay and Pune. We lived in Bombay soon after I was born, but later moved to Delhi to take care of my grandmother. I attended DPS for a year, thereafter was at the Shri Ram School in Delhi, and ultimately graduated from Sanskriti. Post that I went to Pune to get my bachelors degree from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication with a specialisation in Advertising and Marketing.

With regards to past work experiences, my college was as strict as the army! For which I am now grateful, since it helped me get to where I am today. We were made to study all forms of media from TV, to print to the radio and digital. Besides this, I did 4 internships during my course, and also worked as a freelance brand marketer for half a year for a company based in Pune. All this ultimately made me more prepare for the ‘real world’ and gave me a lot more confidence going into my first job.

Saiba G Singh,Agency Manager, SEA at Google
Saiba G Singh,Agency Manager, SEA at Google

Tell us about your current role at Google, Singapore.

I’m currently an Agency Manager for the Big 6 advertising agencies, managing South East Asian clients. I mostly look after the Malaysia market and handle clients like Pepsi, Mars, Petronas, etc.

What made you launch Sugar Rush by Saiba? What did you learn from your experience as an Entrepreneur.

Multiple reasons, I wanted to start something to help my parents when they retire, since my entire family loves cooking and feeding people. The other reasons were I wanted to travel and hence have surplus income to do that without worrying. Lastly I’m a marketing graduate and work with marketing to my clients for their businesses on a daily basis, so I wanted to practise what I preach.

Brownie valentines day chocolates
Saiba and Valentine’s day experiments! ❤ shaped Brownie ❤ shaped marshmallows
Chocolate Overload by Sugar Rush by Saiba
Chocolate Overload from Sugar Rush by Saiba
Newly launched Marshmallows
Newly launched Marshmallows

(More on Facebook – Sugar Rush by Saiba – Top 2 rated bakery in Gurgaon on Zomato – we’re cute + made to order. Make brownies, marshmallows, energy bars & tea time cakes)

What do you enjoy most while working at Google?

I’ve been at Google for almost 6 years now, and there is nothing I’m more grateful for. The company is like family to me, no matter where I go in the world, which office I visit – it feels like I’m coming home. I’ve grown up with Google, I’ve had my toughest work moments, my biggest achievements and some crazy parties. The best thing are the people.

Your favorite books

Tuesdays with Morrie

Your future plans

For some time recently I’ve been fascinated with China, after working across SEA markets and traveling to different places, I think I may want to work there next. In the future, I want to take up Brand Consultancy or be a Marketing/Digital head of an FMCG company.

Good luck with all your endeavours Saiba


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