Path of Work


The greatest way to lead a meaningful life is by being sincere and dedicated to the work you do. Infact, some ancient saints belived that doing any good ‘Work’ without expecting or associating it with ‘Results” as a way to get liberation. was in my heart for several years. I have faceed immense obstacles in my career as I aspired to be a filmmaker. Life took on several twists and turns and now, I do some work in an IT organization just to earn my living. I wanted other students and professionals to get what I lost in my life. Hence, I created this platform to use my time late night and during weekends to inspire and motivate people to learn and grow ahead in their life.

Why should you associate work with results?

You could be an Entrepreneur or a working professional. You believed that your Startup will eventually be successful but it might have failed or you are in facing obstacles to make it big. You could also be an Employee working in an organization. You might even be a labour working or simply worry that you don’t have a good job. I receive mails from mail of you about the problems at work etc. Let me clarity this. Learn to do your work just for the sake of doing it. Do not think about politics happening around you. Do not hurt yourself when someone else got what you deseve most. Do not worry when you are loaded with too much task with too little salary and recogonition. Just do your work sincerely.

The point I wish to convey is to do any good work sincerely and not worry about what you gain from your work. Do not associate any good work you do with results. This will make you get depressed. Accept the reality existing in the world and be calm. Your time is yet to come when you can prove your knowledge and skills.

Path of Work

I am not interested in relating my writings with any philosophy. Not all are happy with their current job. So they are tempted to change job, their work environment or the whole business. Do what you believe it but do not take too much risk based on emotional decision. Think and act before you loose your hope too soon. My duty is to help people withstand any issues both in their personal and professional life. Just focus on your work and think what difference you can make in others life.

Speak up when you need to and be silent when you have to. Just do your work honestly. Someday, you will be rewarded. 

Its important to create a balance between your emotional need, financial need and the actual work you do because for all your hardwork and knowledge, you might only face setbacks. When nothing happens, just be happy for the work you did.  There’s nothing more powerful than the “Work” you do both in business and your personal life.

path of work
Love your work


Here’s my goal

  1. Inspire and Motivate students and professionals on adopting a culture of contineous learning
  2. Spread good messages and encourage people by featuring them in this platform
  3. Career counselling as I had none to show me the right way. So I want to do it to others with little knowledge I have.


Its hard to manage such a project as I work only during late night and weekends. I hardly get any revenue but will be happy if would like to sponsor by advertising in

How can you contribute?

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Keep Working! You Rock!