People in Bangalore are so welcoming towards fresh ideas and absorb new ventures with open arms: Amrita Pal

I have always requested girls I come across to do something beyond their regular job. Most of these girls don’t understand what I actually mean. You don’t have to create a Tech Startup to make a mark. You can be an Entrepreneur doing things you are passionate about. Here’s an interview with one such Women Entrepreneur, Amrita Pal from Bangalore.

Tell us about yourself and your past career experiences

I am from Kolkata, West Bengal truly the City of Joy. Being a rooted Bengali, I have my heart and soul tied to macher jhol (fish curry) and mishti doi. Listening to music, Bollywood, night walks, hanging around with friends are a part of regular life. When I get some time I like reading books too. I love seeing new places and I constantly try to get opportunity to get a vacation/trip somewhere.

I have been working as a software developer in Embedded domain since three and a half years. As a campus recruit I had joined Wipro Technologies and continued to work there for three years. Recently I have joined a start up company and I’m currently working for past eight months.

About Nammura Holige

Nammura Holige (NH) is an emerging brand. We are making Holiges and providing our services in Bangalore. We come with an experience of seventeen years of making traditional Holiges. We have carefully kept ‘health’ and ‘taste’ in mind while making our product. A vision of three partners- Varuna Rao, Ravi Keshava and myself has resulted in NH. It is our first business venture and I’m so proud of the response we are getting.

Nammura Holige

What made you get interested in Entrepreneurship?

I have been a foodie since childhood. So the passion for food was always there. I always wanted to do something extra which would involve people and food. So, Nammura Holige happened like a jigsaw puzzle getting solved.

Do you believe living in Bangalore is a convenience for you in launching a Startup?

Yes, absolutely. People in Bangalore are so welcoming towards fresh new ideas and absorb new ventures with open arms.

Your future plans

My future plan is to expand Nammura Holige. We have plans to introduce additions to our menu. As our Holiges are oil-free, I’m quite positive that soon we will attract more attention.

Good Luck for all your endeavours Amrita


10 Thoughts to “People in Bangalore are so welcoming towards fresh ideas and absorb new ventures with open arms: Amrita Pal”

  1. Debattam Chatterjee

    It’s short, crispy and smart. I had no idea I knew such a smart and passionate girl for so long. I wish you all the success with NH. Long way to go. All the best. 😊

  2. Sounak DasGupta

    I hope you find an angel investor soon enough…Good Luck!!! 🙂

  3. Arnab Dutta

    Way to go girl !! With u being one of the running partners , I know for sure an honest effort to deliver brilliant stuff is assured. 16 years and counting and u still amaze me!!!

  4. Juhi Singh

    You rock girl 😘
    Sonewhere in my mind i had a thought that your sincerity with lead you high but was amazed with this quick decision of yours. I know you will shine here also like a “shinning star ” 😃
    Waiting for the big party 😜
    Long way to go and I wish all the very best for your future ahead..👍

  5. Madhurima Mukherjee

    I’m so proud of u darling…best of luck…I’m sure u will do great…


    Awesome idea by an awesome person… All the best for your future endeavour

  7. Rumpa Bhowal

    So proud of you my bestie. You are like an inspiration fr us. Wish you all the best for you new venture. Long long long way to go. ♥♥♥

  8. Sebanti Dutta

    Really a creative idea to live your dreams.
    All d very best..:)

  9. Amrita Pal

    Thank you so much everyone for your encouraging words. It is inspiring me to achieve higher goals. Your comments mean a lot to me.

  10. Ipshita Mukherjee

    Proud of u Amri…God bless u n miles to go…Al d…

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