Give power to people to share their opinions on anything that matters to them: Durgesh Kaushik, Wishfie

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We are happy to feature Durgesh Kaushik, Founder of Video social network for sharing opinions – Wishfie

Tell us about Wishfie and what made you work on such a product?

Personally, I believe that the world would be a better place if everyone had the power to participate in shaping the world of tomorrow by getting their opinions heard. Also, we grow by expressing our views and learning from others’ thoughts. Hence, we’ve built a platform where people can come together and express their opinions or just hear public opinions on interesting topics!
Wishfie’s goal is to give power to people to share their opinions on anything that matters to them, with their most authentic self, in the simplest way possible.

User generated video content is the future (which has already arrived). Adoption of apps like Bigo Live, Vine,, Snapchat etc. validates the trend. Facebook has predicted that by 2020, its newsfeed will be video-only. Also, people do want to share their opinions on a wide range of topics but are currently limited to text-first platforms (FB comments, Twitter, Reddit, Quora etc.). The video is more mobile-friendly compared to text. Hence, Wishfie takes advantage of the video adoption and takes opinion sharing to a whole new level.

Video Social Networking

Tell us about your past experiences which helped you build the startup.

I’ve been extremely passionate about social consumer tech space since over a decade. I was involved in social networks research with Prof. David Obstfeld at the University of California and New York University. I also built a social network called MayaNet to research on a network driven by a people driven privacy policy.

Besides, I worked with the leading social networking company – Facebook, working on SMB marketing. At Facebook, I got first-hand exposure to how to scale a social network globally. I’ve run marketing programs in multi-lingual countries in North America, LATAM, EMEA and APAC. I’ve worked in quite a few cities around the world including Silicon Valley, Dublin, Sao Paulo, Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore and Bangalore, this experience will help me as we scale Wishfie globally.

I’ve also worked in the executive teams of three diverse set of start-ups, which gave me a solid experience of running a company. I was the head of marketing at Silicon Valley based InfoStretch and CMO at Edureka and BHIVE Workspace. I was a part of Reliance Jio’s Young Leadership Program where I headed social media strategy. I’ve been an active mentor to start-ups, sharing my thoughts and knowledge on social media.

I hope to leverage all this experience to build a company that creates value for millions, if not billions of people around the world.

Mobile app marketing
The best way to Market Mobile apps!

How do you believe an entrepreneur can do marketing for app based startup?

The best way to market your mobile app is to first narrow down your target audience to find the early adopters. And then work with early adopters to incrementally improve the product. Once you are confident that the product is ready for more users to consume, find a small market (school, college, company, locality etc.) that represents your target audience, and try tipping that market first. Keep experimenting on what makes people come to your app for the first time, the second time and the third time.

One advice I have for entrepreneurs trying to scale their mobile apps is not to get trapped in growth hacks that deviate you from your core value proposition. If you scale too quickly in the early days, you are likely to see a huge uninstall rate.

I had written a more detailed blog to help young entrepreneurs launching their first mobile app.

 Share some information about your team and how Startup ecosystem in Bangalore supports you.

Wishfie’s co-founder is Akshay Pruthi, who’s a serial entrepreneur who founded LostBeat (a music platform for budding singers) and Reach App (a peer to peer file sharing app) that scaled to 1 Lakh active users and 20 Million transactions. Reach was later acquired for iXigo. Akshay headed special projects (AI, IoT) at iXigo before starting Wishfie.

Akshay is an author at Tech In Asia and Hackernoon. He’s an engineer from NSIT, Delhi University.

Our technology advisor, Prashant is the head of technology at iXigo. In addition, our team includes campus ambassadors from colleges like Mount Carmel, Jain University, BITS Pilani, NSIT etc.

Your future plans

Our future plans are to continue to improve the user experience and scale not only in India, but all the countries around the world. We are building best in the class video technology, along with AI moderated live panel discussions and a robust content discovery engine.We will be opening up our platform for businesses and developers so that they can leverage it to deliever value to their customers.

Good luck to you Durgesh and Wishfie team


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