Whatever you are doing, do it so well that your professional behaviors and characteristics are exemplified: Jennifer.L.Blalock

I got in touch with Jennifer.L.Blalock who has years of experience in U.S Education sector and requested her to share few words with us.

Tell us about yourself

I am the Vice President of Workforce & Economic Development at Collin College. My job includes supporting the development of our economy through the preparation of a highly skilled and competitive workforce.

Share prominent changes and trends evolving in the U.S Education sector today

Today’s economy demands agile, flexible and analytical “intrapreneurs” – innovators who are skilled enough to streamline and implement efficiencies to enhance the organization’s goals.

Jennifer L Blalock
Supporting your local community chamber and economic development corporation is a great opportunity to learn, expand, and build your network.

What qualities according to you should students/professionals possess to have a stable career.

Agility, flexibility, collaboration, creativity, tenacity/persistence, lifelong learning, and innovation

Whats your advice for freshers who could not land in a job as they desire? How should they utilize their time?

Maximize your position – whatever you are doing, do it so well that your professional behaviors and characteristics are exemplified. Think, believe and prove your next promotion.

Your favourite books.

The Industries or the Future
Alec Ross

jennifer community
Community partnerships can help facilitate and leverage impact and opportunity.

Your future plans

Keep contributing to my local, state and national community as a champion and advocate of community colleges

Servant leadership is another great opportunity to not only grow your professional resume and network but also your personal leadership values and foundation. I spent a year volunteering and it truly changed my world view and perspective.

Good luck for all your endeavours Jennifer


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