Try solving some real world problems with real data: Ishita Biswas

There are few professionals whom I keep chasing to make sure their interview is featured on Its not easy to make people tell their story. Finally, I got it. Meet Ishita Biswas,  Data Scientist, R&D at EdgeVerve , An Infosys Company.

Tell us about yourself and your past experiences

Though I was born in the city of joy-Kolkata,I have spent the past 30 years of my life residing in several parts of the country, notably the states of Maharashtra,Jharkhand,TamilNadu,Delhi and my current home Karnataka.
An avid trekker,my heart lies in the mountains and nothing can explain my love for these grandiose, undeniably incredible structures.

I have spent the past eight years of my life making sense of data.So “data” is probably my second love:)

Currently, I work as a data scientist at Edgeverve Systems Ltd,which is a product spin off of Infosys. I work for the Product Research and Development Unit for Finacle, the banking legacy product of Infosys. Prior to this, I have worked for Citibank Decision Management,EXL services and Wipro technologies across banking,pharma,retail,telecom and procurement domains.

Data Science being a new field, how did this career transformation happen?

After my engineering in computer science, I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with huge volumes of data. My first assignment as a fresher involved mining volumes of telecom data from historical databases of faults and alarms.
This proved to be an inflexion point in my career and I decided to pursue my Masters in Business Economics from University of Delhi. I have always been good with numbers.I knew,coming from a coding background, if i could get my concepts of statistics right,I could excel in the field.

What has always interested me, is not plain volumes of data,but the ability to solve real world challenges using data. My masters degree where in, I specialized in Econometrics and Finance, helped me further develop exactly that.

What’s your current role in EdgeVerve?

Currently, I work as a data scientist for the Product Research and Development Unit for Finacle,the banking legacy product of Infosys.

Ishita Biswas, Data Scientist, R&D EdgeVerve
Ishita Biswas, Data Scientist, R&D EdgeVerve

Give some suggestion for Students and professionals who aspire to be a Data Scientist.

I would say, its extremely important to

“1.Get your basics right!”

Countless professionals in the field will tell you to master the latest algorithms, but if you do not know whats going on inside the black box or why are you using that particular algorithm for solving the problem in hand,
its pointless.

“2.Be inquisistive and ask questions about how will your model make a difference”

I have met a lot of people,who believe in running 100’s of mechanical models without caring whatsoever about the business justification for them. Rather than working on masked data having no clue about what your data means, try solving some real world problems with real data.

“3.Keep reading “

Because learning never ends.

Your favourite books

– Ayn Rand :”The fountainhead”
– Randy Pausch: “The last lecture”
– I am also a huge fan of Khalid Hosseini, “A Thousand Splendid Suns”, “And the Mountains Echoed” are my favorites.

Future plans

I have never been much of a planner, but I do know I would love to keep learning and practising.The best part of being in this field is that its always evolving and you can NEVER know enough.

– Venkat

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