Responsible networking is essential for career growth and for one to grow as an individual: Swatiey Pareek

How busy are professionals in Telecom sector? I measured it by requesting Swatiey for an interview and sent questions. It took 18 days for her to take time for us. Meet Swatiey Pareek, Regional Lead – Americas, Vodafone Global Enterprise.

Tell us about yourself and how you got interested in a career in Sales?

I had two blessings to begin my life with: 1st being born into a beautiful family where respecting an individual as a human being was always the first priority and 2nd – being raised in Calcutta, a place which offers unique blend of traditional and modern values.These two attributes shaped a large part of my being and personality.

I grew up as the eldest amongst three siblings and realized the importance of sales quite early in my life. If my younger brothers needed an increment in their pocket money, I was the one selling their request to my parents. If batch-mates needed that class trip to Victoria Memorial, I was the one selling the concept to my teachers. Needless to add, if I needed something from my parents, I would rather be selling to my grandparents who would seal the deal for me with my parents!!

Selling, I believe is a natural and most constant behavior with all individuals. A few of us choose to make a career out of it. So did I.

My love for meeting new people, travel and keeping things exciting were an added bonus in choosing a career in sales.

Swatiey Pareek
Swatiey Pareek – Celebrating her work at Vodafone India

How do you think corporate sales and methodology has changed over the years? How has the Digial era impacted a sales professional?

Digital has brought the biggest disruption ever, across all industries. Conventional systems and processes limited by their rigidness to adapt must give way to more flexible and ready-to-accommodate approach. Speaking more relevantly from telecom perspective, with the onset of Digital Era, the physical point of presence is not the only point of sales anymore. As our customers start interacting with us via multiple channels and on several platforms, we too must be ready to offer them an omnichannel and integrated experience – be it via desk-phones or mobile devices or pc or at our stores.

In India, both the traditional and digital are bound to co-exist for some time, till we completely evolve and transform into a Digital-Only ecosystem.

As a sales professional this requires an individual to be highly invested in oneself, be aware and focus on fulfillment and end user experience. A conventional sales professional must transform into a “Value-Creator”.

Tell us about your current role in Vodafone India Limited and your team’s accomplishments.

As a Vodafone India Limited employee, I am part of the organization’s enterprise unit – Vodafone Business Services (VBS).
In my current role, as Regional Lead, Americas – I manage the business portfolio of US headquartered large enterprise customers across India. This is a prestigious suite of top US MNCs having their operations in India, being serviced and pursued by Vodafone. As an end to end Total Communications Partner, we enable businesses to connect their places, people and things across the globe.

My team

We have a fleet of strategic sales personnel front-ending business relationship with these customers across India, offering technology solutions to these MNCs keeping in mind their business objectives. Our offerings include

Unified communications,

Mobility services,

Fixed data connectivity and


To sum up my team’s accomplishments, it would suffice to mention that we fuel the growth of some of the largest names in the enterprise space by converging their communications requirement and making them a Ready Business.

Swatiey Pareek, Vodafone India
Swatiey Pareek

Do you believe women employees with right skill are offered equal opportunity as men in Corporate India?

India has historically witnessed an era where women enjoyed the status of equality with men in terms of social freedom, education and other rights. However, multiple reasons contributed to changes in socio-cultural values and gave rise to a strong patriarchal society, which in turn compromised women’s say and involvement in issues like property rights, family authority, education, employment opportunities and other social and security aspects. Though, last decade has witnessed a huge change and Corporate India is increasingly and consciously offering equal opportunity platforms to women and some organizations are even promoting women talent, we still have a long way to cover.

Inclusivity is a must for healthy work culture. Many organizations are stitching programs to increase the pool of women talent or to include women employees as part of their leadership cohort.

I am privileged to be part of one such initiative taken by Vodafone where 20 women have been chosen across India for their exceptional talent and related skills and are being trained and groomed for next levels of leadership.

Such programs serve a dual purpose – ensures right talent is provided with right opportunity as well as helps women employee become more invested and responsible for the success of their own careers.

How according to you should Women handle pressure or stress at work?

1. Have an anchor – both at work and at home. It’s important to have someone to talk to.
2. Network – women do not network as much as men do. Responsible networking is essential – not only for career growth but also for one to grow as an individual.
3. Have a hobby/passion or believe and invest in a cause beyond work and home. Something that defines you and leaves you feeling rewarded and rejuvenated.

Your favourite books

I consciously stay away from self-help books. Totally believe in what The Secret has to say, though. Read a lot of HBR articles and random management and business related write-ups on LinkedIn. Favourite work of fiction is Roots by Alex Hailey.

Your future plans

Travel a lot, Adopt a pet, Contribute more to the society, Head the global enterprise business unit at Vodafone someday.

I am happy to feature Swatiey as she portrays spirit of Women employees in Corporate India.


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