Share a beautiful message for this Women’s day

I have been working on OfficeExperience for the past one month and its really an exciting journey collecting wonderful stories from Professionals and Entrepreneurs from around the globe. I am really greatful to some of Women professionals and Entrepreneurs who took time to share their career journey with us.

I wanted to make a simple video project for Women’s day 2017 but since we just have few days to go, I felt its good to collect a written message from Women Professionals and also Entrepreneurs. All I need is originally written message which could be just few sentences or any longer if you have time to write in detail.

Your message could touch any of the following issues but you can take your freedom to write any share any good message.

  1. Inspirational and Motivational

  2. Guidance for both Men and Women Employees to overcome stress in personal life and at workplace.

  3. Tips to overcome fear and insecurity in Career

  4. Tips to enhance Leadership qualities

  5. Being Human – How being good to your co-workers can create a beautiful work culture

  6. Any other message you wish to convey.

You can write to the below email ID

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