Startups in Hong Kong grew 60% but CS graduates is at all time low – Ken Ng of Accelerate HK

Its valuable to get insights from Students who learn from a programme and hence we are introducing this feature in “Education” section. Ken Ng came to Hong Kong after serving in London based Banks for over 4 years. We asked about his experience as a member of Accelerate HK

About Accelerated HK

Accelerate HK is an immersive software engineering bootcamp. It aims at eliminating the financial barrier between high-quality education and equal opportunity for motivated learners to unleash their potential in technology.

Ken Ng
Ken Ng,
Member of Accelerate HK

Demand for Software Engineers in Hong Kong?

The number of startups in Hong Kong grew 60% last year with 25,000 start up in HK today, while the number of CS graduates from HK university is at an all time low – 1,700 a year. The usual higher education establishments and universities cannot supply enough professionals to cover the demand and employers are left with a huge problem filling up their teams with the right candidates.

How does Aceelerated HK programme help students in landing in a job?

The rigorous instruction transforms motivated learners into software engineers through pair-programming, full-stack education (Javascript, Ruby, Rails) and 1000+ hours of project-based learning with like-minded individuals. It instills industry best practices including Agile, project management and holistic development that maximise autonomous “learn to learn” frameworks for bleeding-edge projects beyond Accelerate. Throughout the 16 week course, we will be given exposure to leaders in this industry, and be given a chance to demonstrate our learnings in projects. Accelerate HK will help us find a right match with their extensive network of HK startup companies.

Your previous experiences

I have worked in Banking Operations for 4 years and graduated with Bsc. Economics at the University of York. I believe that I have learned business acumen as well fundamental soft-skills such as analysis and stakeholder management that will support me on my journey.

ken ng
Kexit t-shirt given by friends in Longon inspired by the term Brexit

Could you please share how the Government is supporting Startups in HK.

The HK Government is keen to attract leading-edge startups here. The following link to Invest HK guides you through the process:
Additionally, Invest HK has established a one-stop portal to the startup community in Hong Kong –

It lists the latest startup events and various resources including government incentive and incubation schemes, accelerators, angels and VCs. It is also a platform for local and overseas startups to share their success stories.

Your future plans 

I plan to work for a start-up as soon as I finish. My background is currently within Financial Services so I am naturally drawn to Fin tech, however, I am open-minded so if other interests appeal to me I may well change course. I would like to support my family’s business in the UK by renovating their website which I built 2 years ago with zero coding skills, and I would like to initiate an online platform for others to learn and empower themselves in the future.

Good luck Ken


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