It takes every day of study, hard work and efforts to remain a Data Scientist: Gaurav Khanna

Gaurav Khanna

Gaurav Khanna works for the Financial Services firm, Citi as a Data Scientist.

How you grew as a Data Scientist?

I’m a curious person. Asking questions help me understand things better. This has even helped me become better at my job as a Data Scientist. I can’t do without thoroughly understanding the problem. And once you do that, you have already taken a large step towards the right solution. Data Science is a dynamic field, but the fundamentals remain constant. I’ve worked hard to build these fundamentals while I was a student at Indian Institute of Science. Other than academic training I’ve had a strong sense of analytical thinking. I wouldn’t say one inherits this, but it largely is derived form your day to day thinking process. The way you absorb the things around you. Do you look at numbers as numbers or as information which you can associate with your past observation. It takes every day of study, hard work and efforts to remain a Data Scientist, definitely for a good one.

How can Data Science contribute in BFSI industry?

BFSI companies have a wealth of data. Today’s Googles and Amazons run on data, but the kind of information the banks have about their customers, other big ​companies are yet to capture it. They know your money. And that is powerful. Data Science can help bank’s customers to effectively spend their hard earned money, grow it and create value for the entire economy.

What advice/steps do you wish to recommond for aspiring Data Scientists?

​Everyday, there would be a new technology in this field. Deep learning will keep getting deeper. But do not discount on your basics and fundamentals while you keep yourself updated with the latest advancements.​ Read more than you can.

You mentioned about breaking problems into set of simple questions. Kindly explain?

​A company is struggling to increase its sales. That’s a problem. You can break it down to questions to understand the reason behind it, so that you can address it the best possible way. You’d ask: Which product is yielding the least to the bottomline? What trend has it been following over the years? What changes has the company made over these years? How bad it is compared to the industry standard? Which competitor has picked up most in the time of our decline? How?

Favourite books

​I love literary fiction. Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

Future plans

​To learn as much as I can, as fast as I can and build something impactful from ground up.

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