Our focus is to become thought leaders in logistics and field service technology, Big Data and IoT: Kruthi Aramanamada of LogiNext

Kruthi Aramanamada

I always find it interesting to listen to Sales and Marketing professionals and reached out to Kruthi Aramanamada, Head, Marketing at LogiNext.

Tell us about yourself and your experience at Warwick Business School

I swear by the quote “Life is trying things to see if they work- Ray Bradbury” I am very proactive and start taking initiatives from the get go. From my first day at an organization, I throw myself neck deep into the project at hand. I always work towards being an indispensible resource – be it when I was it academics or at work today.

I tend to be very social and extroverted which makes me very approachable. I love travelling and believe that it opens up your mind to new perspectives which shape the way you deal with work and life in general. I don’t just keep my mind constantly running but I also keep my body running! I am a fitness enthusiast and a long run in the wilderness is my kind of a stressbuster.

At Warwick Business School, I had a diverse experience. While I was studying MSc in Management, I was also involved in a lot of student council activities. I was the International Student Caller where I had to advise and influence new joinees who had got their admit. This led me to standing for the Student Council elections. It was a unique challenge because I was representing my peers who were from over 120 countries – the diversity was overwhelming and inspiring. I won the elections and worked towards understanding different nationalities and helping them solve their problems. This first brush with taking responsibility naturally nurtured my leadership skills.

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Kruthi Aramanamada about raising standards of Indian SaaS products

Share few prominent contributions made by marketing team and yourself for LogiNext’s growth

When I started working at LogiNext, which was about 10 months ago, the marketing team was very nascent.

I am super proud of the team and what we have achieved by laying out a strong marketing foundation.

LogiNext’s fanbase in the social community has tripled, engagement has grown 5 times and the reach is now 10 times more than what it started out at! This in turn led to a huge increase in the traffic to the website. The number of inbound leads has increased 6X times.

I have completely revamped the whole inbound marketing strategy, making the website more UI/UX friendly; implemented self service mode(SaaS) for our products for international customers and increased the awareness of LogiNext brand with more partnerships PR. We have completely revamped the entire look and feel of LogiNext. We know this is working and we have already seen a 10 fold increase in traffic with our brand keywords.

It has been a beautiful year for us at LogiNext and Marketing in LogiNext. However, this is just the first mile of achieving the growth which is a low hanging fruit. The next mile is sustaining this and keeping the momentum up always.

You seem to have held various positions in past. How is it helping you as a Marketing head?

I started my career consulting Google for a social impact project between TED(INK) and Google. Back then internet penetration was just 10% and we wanted a breakthrough in it. We were an eclectic team of individuals trying to break barriers. It involved a lot of work with schools, businesses, politicians and NGOs and of course big corporates.

It gave me an in-depth understanding of different stakeholders in one ecosystem, this was one of the biggest revelations of my life. I co-authored an online open source free publication which is a 10 hour internet curriculum for Google which is still used in remote villages in India.

This phase of my life made me understand the importance of empathy, the use of design thinking in everything I do, negotiation and building a self sustaining ecosystem.

After my time with INK, my friend and I started consulting for retail outlets. He, using his expertise on Six Sigma and me, marketing. He had just come back from UK, and on a shopping trip we realised a big lacuna in the Indian retail markets for customer experience. We based our startup on the main principle of how a retail outlet can standout based on their customer service and process layout. We worked with Planet Fashion, Titan and Helios. Although we brought about a big change, we couldn’t sustain. However, we still have those modules in place, if and when I have more time on my hands I would want to get back to consulting.

This taught me the importance of failure and how to rise from it, the challenges of entrepreneurship and running a company.

I then immediately joined Lookup, a chat platform for local businesses, as one of the first members of the founding team and the first woman employee, at Lookup I learnt to hack huge growth strategies, virality, win alliances and strategic PR.

What are your offline marketing activities?

Our marketing objective is purely on thought leadership. So be it offline or online, our focus is to become thought leaders in logistics and field service technology, Big Data and IoT. We participate in large events and conferences where we can share our two cents about each of these topics. Apart from this, we also showcase our products and technologies to other businesses and prospects in these offline meetups.  I have also initiated the “Tale of Success” series which are case study series of all our customers who have successfully been using our products.

Your favourite books

I do read when I get the time and I mainly read fictions. Some of my favorites are Kite Runner, Motorcycle Diaries. Now, I am reading Shantaram.

Your future plans

My future plan is to lead the best marketing team, to change the way people look at SaaS in India.

“Want to be at the forefront of raising the perception of India as an emerging land for globally excellent SAAS products”

In the long run, I will definitely be getting back to starting something of my own.

Good luck Kruthi.



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