If you trust your product and have faith in it then just go for it: Fintech Co-founder, Tushna Pandey

I got in touch with Tushna Pandey who’s the co-founder  & COO of Indian Fintech Startup Ezstrax. The founder Vimal Paliwal doubles as the CTO of the Startup. They founders are friends from their under graduation. Here’s their story.

About EzStrax

Strax Avenue Private Limited is the company and its owns and operated an online product named Ezstrax.  Mr. Vimal is the founder, MD & CTO and I am the Co-founder & COO. We are just a team of 2. It’s utter compelling and delightful to work with someone you know personally for years. We also have an advisor Mr. Manish Balakrishnan based in the U.S.

The basic idea to build this product gradually evolved while we were back in London. We had encountered payment difficulties while we were here in India. That’s when we started building Ezstrax. The concept behind this product is to help India pay or collect payments as easy as cash. This product aims at deepening relationships while focusing more on customer service.

Vimal Paliwal
Ezstrax Founder, Vimal Paliwal

Your role in EzStrax.

We are a small team. I handle all the business, marketing, HR, PR and talking to investors and clients. The founder is an IT guy so he is not inclined to marketing. I do the talking and he is excellent with the tech stuff. He has done the complete product development himself. We have not outsourced even a single work yet and we are proud to learn so much by doing things ourselves.

What skills you believe someone holding a position of your nature possess?

As a COO, I personally go out there in the market and talk to people. I try to find out what problems they face, what solutions would they like to have or what changes are they desiring. I keep personal relations with our clients and we keep asking them and assisting. This not only makes us understand their needs and their comfort zone but it helps us work harder and harder to on our product. So according to me, COO has a lot and lot of responsibilities. It’s about multitasking, communicating, trusting the company and its products, supporting, uplift the team and many more.

tushna pandey
Tushna pandey, Co-Founder of Ezstrax

Your favourite books

I’m completely into Sherlock Holmes.  I also like books on Start-ups and business like Lean start-ups and Rich dad Poor dad. I sometimes also fancy reading Chetan Bhagat’s books.

Future plans

The experience we are having as an entrepreneur in this start-up journey is just astonishing. I would really hearten all the student who are thinking to develop something and get into the crowd but they hesitate because of their parent or because their product is a clone or thinking if they would fail, then I would say it’s a small life and time is running out. Don’t keep thinking, it’s time to execute. Get it done. Don’t be afraid to fail. That’s how you would learn.

Love for Animals

I am an absolute animal lover. I want to see no animals on the street in that bad condition. I hope to have a gigantic place that could afford to keep all those animals, also yes, my only aim as of now is to make our product one of the best payment method in India and keep it so easy that even people in villages could use it without any assistance. I totally support the government with the digital India movement.

We at Ezstrax keep doing several activities for animals and poor people. It’s because we don’t just believe in talking but believe in action.

Few lines for start-ups or for students who aim to be Entrepreneurs

I would just give you 5 tips, and they are important in this start-ups world.

  1. Choose your team right. If you don’t then you are throwing a spanner in the works.
  2. Be positive and You will find people who will ask you to shut down as it is crowded space or whatever, but if you trust your product and you have faith in it then just go for it. It’s ok if you’re idea is not unique.
  3. Utilize your time. If Funds are gone, then you can earn it back but not time.
  4. Plan accordingly. Without your plan sheet, you will be lost and things will be queuing up.
  5. Give things time. You cannot be a millionaire overnight. Good things take time so keep patience and you’ll be there.

Thanks for your valuable tips for Entrepeneurs Thusna.

Good luck for your Startup


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